About Us

We are a small, growing company that concerns itself about what is going on inside our doors, not what is happening down the street. Communication and teamwork are how we define success. Take care of your people, and they will take care of your customers. We are a hands-on organization that talks with our managers daily – ask them and see!

About-UsOur motto isn’t just a handy catch-phrase, it’s what sets us apart from the typical fast-food restaurant. Our menu items are prepared fresh and from scratch daily, our chicken is hand filleted, breaded in our special blend of seasonings, and cooked fresh. Our biscuits, the finest in the business are made from scratch each day. And you’ve never tasted good onion rings until you’ve had ours! Come in today and see how freshness makes our food the best you’ve tasted.


Martin’s Restaurants is actively involved in our communities, schools, and churches surrounding each of our locations. We support, through advertising, a wide variety of events; ranging from dance companies to school sports programs and yearbooks, to beauty pagents and anything in-between. We sponsor many sports teams through local recreational associations, and make cash, gift, and product donations to innumerable groups and organizations.


There’s always room for new additions to our Management and Crew Teams. Take a moment to view our benefits, and then either fill out our online application or print our application to fill out later and bring it by one of our several locations.