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Martin’s Re-Opening of Dining Rooms

We are keeping a watchful eye on movements within the employment sectors, the health and safety protocols and our ability to staff appropriately to service our customers safely and effectively.

Currently, we continue to have health safety concerns relating to COVID and the general public.

As an employer we, along with many other businesses, are experiencing a historic decrease in qualified employees. The global pandemic and associated economic solutions have contributed to a slower than usual “return to work” marketplace.

It is in all our best interests to open up our businesses as quickly as possible, but not at the expense of our abilities to provide good, reliable service and great food in a safe and healthy environment.

We hope to announce our re-opening of our restaurants at 100% in the near future. We ask for your continued support and patience as we move forward in dealing with the ongoing effects of this Global Pandemic (COVID – 19).

Milan Savic
Martin’s Restaurant Systems, Inc.

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